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    Welcome To Our Website

    Terroirs du Monde is a platform for promotion and sales of quality, natural products from different regions in France and abroad.

    Our site also combines the best of e-commerce and direct sales network providing members with the possiblity of setting up their local network to develop recurring income.

    Become a Terroirs du Monde Partner today. Simply fill out the membership form on the site. You will receive confirmation and codes to access your account and your personalised link to introduce others to the site. By telling your friends and/or your customers about Terroirs du Monde, and providing them with your personal link, you will be paid commissions on all their purchases made via the site. From the dashboard you can track purchases of everyone you have introduced and commissions earned. All payments are secure via the Paypal platform. There is no need for people purchasing via the site to have a Paypal account, blue cards and credit cards are also accepted.

    Deliveries of on-line orders are made to closest pick-up points.

    Terroirs du Monde invites you to join iour fast growing network of people enjoying our range of quality, natural products in addition to earning some welcome additional income.